Dot Wine


Dot Wine, a project shared between Lise Asimont and Shawn Philips, was born from a dare–a challenge to create a Pinot Noir that Lise truly loved. As an ultra-premium wine grower with over 20 years in the industry, Lise brings her expertise and commitment to sustainability, while Shawn leverages over 30 years in gardening and art to develop Dot Wine as a sustainable, captivating wine venture. Embodying the simplicity and purity of its namesake ‘dot’, Dot Wines translates vineyard to bottle with minimal intervention. Today Dot has grown and Lise and Shawn now make a dry rose wine, two Pinot Noir wines, and a Chardonnay wine with potentially more to come. The intention is still the same and will never change. Dot will always be small, limited production wines with a sense of place, directly reflecting the truly amazing vineyards they come from. The wines will always be minimal intervention to bring you the best of the vintage. Drink dot.

Contact Info

14210 Bacchus Landing Way
Suite 201
Healdsburg, California 95448


Dot Wines at Bacchus Landing
We haven’t been able to stop raving about our experience that we had tasting Dot wines. It was great to hear the history and all about the wines directly from Lise. If you have the opportunity to visit we’d highly recommend checking them out and taking some wine home from here, they’re sure to be a hit!
Luis T.